Founded in 2017, SCOPHRA was formed for the benefit of Park Home (Mobile Home) permanent residents in Scotland.

Residential Park Homes, sometime called mobile homes, provde a unique lifestyle which is growing throughout Scotland – with some eighty (80) sites from the Highlands to the Borders. They are used predominantly by the over 50’s and those of a retirement age looking for an easier way of life. In some cases, location can be the main attraction, in particular the countryside along with coastal sites are both very much sought after but sites can be found in urban areas.

The formation of the Scottish Confederation Of Park Homes Residents Associations (SCOPHRA) is intended to provide an umbrella organisation for existing and future Park Home Residents Associations with the sole aim of supporting their needs and aspirations under the one banner, giving strength in numbers to individual associations.

Under its constitution the aims of SCOPHRA are….

  • To represent and maximise the collective interests of affiliated park home Residents Associations in Scotland in their contact with site owners, local authorities, public bodies, lawmakers and the media.
  • To advise and assist affiliated Associations and their members in matters of park home law and regulation in Scotland and to gather substantive data on park home living in Scotland.
  • To encourage the formation of Residents Associations on permanent residential park home sites in Scotland in accordance with the Mobile Homes (Written Statement) (Scotland) Regulations 2013.
  • To assist individual park home residents with the above, where no local Association exists.
  • To promote best practice and encourage park home lifestyle as a permanent residential option in accordance with the Mobile Homes Acts as they apply in Scotland.


If you have an enquiry about Park Home Living in general, or Park Home Residents Associations in particular, Contact Us.

Membership of SCOPHRA is open to constituted residents associations and individuals living on residential park home estates, please Contact Us.


The Office for National Statistics has released this month’s RPI rate at 4.9% down from 5.2%% last month.


The Park Homes Energy Suport Scheme goes live on 27 February 2023.

Upcoming Events

SCOPHRA are to hold the AGM in July atwith final date to be confirmed shortly.

Important Information

if you live in a residential park home or lodge in Scotland, or are thinking about it, you may find this information very useful.

Useful Links

Click above to follow the link to an interesting Facebook site based in England but with lots of Park Home chat….

Willow Woods Residents Association.